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Let Go of (linear) TIME

IMG2445Why do we believe in the concept of time? The sun rises and sets and repeats this pattern with certainty “daily”. Meteorologists attempt to predict the hour and minute that this life-supporting mass of energy and light arises and disappears from our awareness, but even they aren’t exact with their timing. We also attempt to categorize ourselves as ages, time spans, and phases. Consider some 80-somethings who run marathons and are in better shape than many 20-somethings. Are they defying age and time, or are they more aware that time is irrelevant?
What is an hour, really? Does it matter? During springtime in the USA, we change the time to “spring forward” an hour. During autumn, we “fall backwards” an hour to save daylight. All it takes is a simple press of a button, and then time becomes different. Obviously linear time is not concrete. In Georgia (in the United States) when it is 7:00, it is simultaneously 4:00 in California. Both times seem accurate if we think about the sunshine; however if someone called from Georgia to California, would they be going back in time? Of course not.
It takes over 24 hours to fly to Africa from the USA. While you are on the plane during this flight, what time is it?

I used to be so caught up in the concept of linear time–thinking that I had to reach certain milestones by a certain age. When I embarked on my mid-twenties, I struggled with intense feelings of disappointment. I already had my undergraduate degree and was pursuing a graduate degree. Yet, by my 26th birthday, I thought I would be married, have my PhD, and possibly have a child on the way with my happy husband. I believed the lie that I only had a specific set of years to accomplish these things. I believed the illusion that I was “running out of time”. I cried, feeling like I was off track and falling behind. (It didn’t help that my close friends were married and having children too.)

I sat and reflected on why I felt such despair. I enjoyed grad school, liked being on my own, and couldn’t imagine taking care of anyone else but me at the time. I asked myself where the feelings came from. I couldn’t come up with an answer other than the fact that everyone else said that I should have those things by a certain age. I felt silly. I knew better. (I was always a rebel, anyway.) So, I let go of timing, milestones, and deadlines. Whenever someone asked me, “When are you going to get married?” I laughed and sarcastically said, “At the right time.” I didn’t feel a rush to be something that I wasn’t ready to be, or to do something impulsive. It was such a relief! I appreciated where I was at in my journey, and remained open to the mystery of Divine “timing”.

Linear time is a funny thing because it isn’t real. Think about this: Even as I post this blog, I notice a different time on the post than what is on my clock. Nevertheless, both times are incorrect, because our Real time is this Moment.

So, why do we as humans buy into the concept of linear time? I think that we believe in linear time because it allows us to feel as though we have control. It is the illusion of predictability in a dynamic and fluid universe.

We must realize that all that time is, Is Now. The present is All.

We are Eternal Souls, thus we are timeless.

Take this moment and appreciate your journey.

Realize that who You Are is Infinite in nature.

Love, Light, and Infinity.
Intuitive Dana